The “key” to learning

As I have explained a few times in earlier blogs, I love learning. From learning to cook, learning to sew, latch hook, speak Spanish, or even playing video games or putting together computers… I just love to learn. So when given the prompt that I must learn something for four hours each week the next several weeks, I was excited yet perplexed. I want to learn so much. How could I possibly narrow it down to one thing I wanted to learn?

I spent hours this week asking myself, what am I passionate about? What makes my heart leap when I think about learning it? It has taken me down 10 different roads, a thousand rabbit trails, and many many different possibilities. Then, I was taken back to my childhood. From a young age I fell in love with the way the piano sounds. My grandmother had a piano in her living room and I loved to listen to her play. I always imagined that someday I would play for my children the way she played for us. For this reason I have decided that I will spend the next several weeks learning to play piano.

I have some minor knowledge on the keys and hand placement. However, that is the extent of my understanding. I am quite privileged though, as my teacher will be my wonderful husband-to-be. I am excited for the bonding time this will give us, and the adventure it will spark in my eager mind as I learn the art of playing piano! Stay tuned readers, there is more to come from this!

Photo CC- By Sales

6 thoughts on “The “key” to learning

  1. I enjoy this post and can’t wait to hear what you learned to play. The fact that you kind of dropped playing for a while and want to pick it back up is dedication and shows that you still have a heart for it. Learning is a great thing to be passionate about and I’m glad that you are young and able to practice and learn many things. I also like to learn and sometimes the best part is learning without realizing you are because it is fun and exciting. Somethings just come so easily and others take time and I think piano is one that would take along time for me. Again good post and I cannot wait to hear what you learn!


    1. I predict it will take awhile, but I believe that because of how badly I want to learn, it won’t actually seem like learning at all. Not in the sense that we discuss learning anyways!


  2. I think it is really wonderful that you love learning so much! I used to have that kind of enthusiasm for it in high school, but it seems like I get caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life now, and picking up new skills seems like wasted time. I know this isn’t true one bit, and you are definitely proof of that! I hope you enjoy learning to play the piano, as it was something I enjoyed so much as a child. I considered choosing that as well just so I would have to force myself to get back into it. Best of luck to you!


    1. Thank you! I am actually quite jealous of those who got to enjoy these skills as children, as it was something my parents were never very encouraging in. So to have the privilege to learn now is actually somewhat a treat in my eyes.


  3. I am glad that you are willing to learning the piano. The piano is a beautiful instrument. I also love the sound of the piano. If i was musically talented I would be willing to learn how to play too. I can not wait to hear an update on your learning!


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