Pursuing What Matters

Photo CC- By Ken Whytock

Upon reading George Couros’ article about the differences between school and learning, I was surprised to see that many of the statements made were highly accurate. I believe that we have come to a point as a society in which we believe our students and children are learning simply because they are in school for 7 hours a day. However, as Couros so eloquently pointed out, learning involves pursuing what we are passionate about. School is about memorizing and regurgitating information.

I found that the articles I read pertaining to passion based learning all agreed closely to Logan LaPointe’s TED talk about “hackschooling”. In the first article, My Journey Teaching Through Passion Based Learning the author discusses how in the fourth term of the year they have begun doing a Personal Passion Project. The first year they did this, the students all seemed much more engaged, tested their own limits, and even reached out to one another in helping to complete the projects before the end of the term. Because of this outcome, they have since then continued this Personal Passion Project into the following years. I could not help but to think how wonderful it is that this school system has somehow harnessed the idea of “hackschooling” and brought it into the classroom.

The second article I read discussed the Nine Tenets of Passion-Based Learning. I found it useful in giving tips and ways in which we can direct our classrooms within the school system to work on a passion based learning level. The most useful and helpful tip I thought was number 8. It simply states that passion is contagious. It talks of how if you want your students to be passionate about something, you must be passionate about it for them. From there, they will catch on to your passion for it. I believe this is incredibly true.


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