Feeding the beast… well, my PLN!

I found the article on cultivating my PLN to be very useful. Even just in the beginning stages, I seem to have forgotten that this is social media. Meaning it is constantly changing. Because of this, I am in control of “weeding out” or adding to my PLN. If someone is sharing invaluable information that does not quite fit with what I am building on, I can easily unfollow, or in essence “kick them out” of my PLN.

I never had considered my role in the PLN, however. I suppose I always thought my information to be invaluable. My input as a student is much different than that of someone who has held a classroom for 5 years, and even more different that a mother homeschooling her 7 children. However, I still have input. So engaging in valuable and in depth conversations may be beneficial to those around me. That’s such an invigorating thought!

The easiest way to convince others to follow me and to read what it is I have to say, is to say stuff worth reading/hearing. If I take time to invest in the homeschooling input and my views on it, others will be more apt to want to learn from me. If I care about what is spoken about, others will to. This helps motivate me to think twice before tweeting or blogging.


4 thoughts on “Feeding the beast… well, my PLN!

  1. I agree that it is very valuable to weed out your followers if they are not sharing things that are worthwhile or beneficial. The more positive, helpful things you have to read, the better. Since teachers are always on their feet and busy, busy, busy, how do you plan on finding the time to sit down and really read through the ideas and thoughts shared through your PLN, let alone weed out the bad ones?


    1. That is where my situation comes in unique. I won’t actually be teaching. In fact I won’t be receiving a teaching degree. I will be using most of this in homeschooling, which is what I am actually building my PLN around. I plan to be able to work through much of this before having children, and then by that time I am hoping that my PLN has been weeded to the point of productivity.


  2. I guess I forgot as well, that this is social media. I am not to “hip” on social media, but I am slowly learning that it can be a very valuable tool to use. I am finding a lot of new and useful ideas that I hope to be able to use one day in my classroom. I also like that fact that you can weed out what you don’t want or like.


    1. Even for being a young adult in a media based world, I find that I am nowhere as “hip” on social media as I like to think! I am glad that you are finding great resources that will someday be useful.


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