Personal learning network… gettin’ personal!


I absolutely believe that to create a Personal Learning Network (PLN) is to prepare yourself to succeed within your field. From what I understand after researching PLN’s, you can create one for any profession, or practically anything. I could have even created one for learning to play piano. However, I chose to create my PLN based around the fact that I will one day homeschool my children. For this reason, I have followed many homeschool blogs, homeschool twitter pages, and multiple pages that would allow me to extract free resources.

Before taking action to create my PLN, I searched to learn what it meant to create a PLN. From what I learned, creating a PLN was to band together a network of people that were studying in the same field, working in the same profession, or had the same goals in mind. By following the blogposts, or following their twitter accounts, I am able to see what they are having success in, learn from what they are trying out, and add in any input I may have for them. Previously I had never heard of a PLN. However, now after knowing about them, I cannot imagine there would be a viable reason not to have one!

Just as Ambyer states in her tweet, in the teaching realm, creating a PLN opens the classroom to much more creativity. Rather than just one teacher working to derive ideas, it is now multiple teachers from all over the world working to better their students learning. For me, this looks like a band of homeschool moms working collaboratively to come up with the best methods, assignments, and even curriculums to teach their children. I am beyond excited to begin learning from my fellow homeschool moms!


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