Week 1: Chords

Monday night, my ever so sweet husband-to-be has begun the process of educating me! I am not sure who has it harder, me learning, or him teaching me! However, we began by addressing and reciting what each note on the piano was. Having a small amount of previous knowledge, I was able to proudly tell my Mr. what each note was. I felt quite proud of myself. From there he began to talk about chords and trichords and my poor little mind began to buzz.

However, in the first week I have picked up how to play a C chord, G chord, A minor chord, and an F chord. This took almost an hour of repetition just to get my hands to hold right, let alone find the keys I needed. My biggest fear has been the inability to do something different with each hand. However, I discovered if I focused on my left hand, my right hand just seemed to know what to do. How nifty! Along with this, I learned how to use the foot pedal. I was impressed, I somehow was now able to do something different with my  right foot, right hand, and left hand!

Photo CC- By Kayla Rundquist

For the remainder of the week, I practiced from home. We have a small keyboard that only operates with the right software… which we do not have currently. So although it is a keyboard, it makes no noise. In a way this works well. I am able to mess around with the fingerings and fumble my way through the chords while not overwhelming myself with a trainwreck of noise.

Beginning this week, I am hopeful to master those chords, learn a few more, and maybe even play my first song. Maybe I should master timing first. Regardless, my heart leaps with the possibilities before me!


4 thoughts on “Week 1: Chords

  1. What a fun thing to learn. I began to learn how to play the piano when I was younger and then with the chaos of life, I never had the time I need to put into practicing so I stopped playing. It seems like you are a fast learned and that you will know how to play several songs in no time!


    1. Since I was a child I have begged my parents to let me take lessons. However, as I got older it turned more into a silent fascination as I thought I would never get to opportunity to learn. I have surprised myself with how quickly I have picked up on things. In fact, I learned to play my first full song this week.


  2. God think you have someone to help you in learning. I would be struggling even with a teacher to assist me. I think that learning to play piano would be an amazing talent! even if it would be a struggle it would be worth it. Can not wait to see how good you will be after this semester is over!


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