ds106… say what?

When I began my search into ds106 I was thoroughly… confused. I understood to some level that ds106 forced people to be vulnerable and open. It also had something to do with Digital Storytelling. Digital Storytelling in my understanding is to record yourself telling a short story and post it on social media. However, the more I searched, the more questions that arose.

Did Digital Storytelling imply that it had to be a story about yourself? Was ds106 only Digital Storytelling? Did I need some sort of different software or an account to do Digital Storytelling or to interact with ds106.

After sorting through many different documents, I discovered that to begin, ds106 and Digital Storytelling are in fact the same thing. It is really as simple or as complicated as you make it. This is an option for you to tell stories about yourself, what you’re learning, what you are teaching others, and much more. You can post these on Youtube, Twitter, or a personal blog. I think in a classroom setting, this would practically be ideal. I don’t believe I could see myself doing much with it in younger ages, but a more advanced age group could really make some incredible “stories”.

If you were to use this in younger grades, I believe it could easily be used in a Literacy class setting. The students can really see their books “come alive” so to speak. After all… not every story has to be read.

Picture CC- By Tetsuaki Miyake

As far as the technology needed, again it really is as difficult as you make it. You can post on whatever platform you want. Therefore, the only thing really required for you to have is a computer with internet access and a camera of some sort. Aside from that, no further technology is needed. The result is the creativity you find within, or you encourage your students to find within. There is no wrong answer to a question, only questions that remain unanswered.


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