The Daily Create… One Word

For my first Daily Create, I chose to look at the writing archives. In my search through them, this one caught my interest. The challenge is to take a poem or quote I love, choose one word from it, and create my own poem or quote. As I searched for my favorite poem, Psalm 63 came to mind. The word I have chosen to focus on and then rewrite a new poem around is “steadfast”. I am no poet, so you must bear with me on this, but here goes…

I am a sinner, each day further from you

Yet you, oh Lord, are steadfast.

I am a lost heart, aching for truth

Yet you, oh Lord, are steadfast.

I hear of your grace, unsure how to seek your face

Yet you, oh Lord, are steadfast.

I cut people down in your name

Yet you, oh Lord, are steadfast.

Here I stand, carrying the shame

Yet you, oh Lord, are steadfast.

I cry to you, and you answer me

You save me from the hopelessness within

Because you.. Oh Lord… you, are steadfast.


4 thoughts on “The Daily Create… One Word

  1. I really liked this poem a lot. Not only did you create a piece of art that is personal to your experience, but you also kept with the Biblical theme of repetition. A lot of the Psalms tend to do this, and I always felt like it was a really effective way for the poet to remind the reader what the central point they are trying to get across is. This was a nice one to read.


    1. Thank you! I love to read through Psalms. My goal was to keep with the same writing theme. As though it could practically be a Psalm that was left out. Which almost sounds silly, yet I feel quite accomplished.


  2. Wow! This is a great poem that really holds a lot of meaning for both you and others reading it. I’ve never been great at poetry, but have always admired those who made it seem simple and refined. Steadfast is a wonderful word to base a poem around and I think you did a great job!


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