Fullness.. how fitting!

I know what you are thinking… The title of this blog seems, silly! However, I can explain. First let me say, Monday was a rough day for me. I had many family issues. This severely cut into the time my loving husband-to-be and I practice and play piano. The week escalated and I noticed that I wasn’t finding the time I needed to do so. (Excuses, I know). The weekend did not seem promising, as we were headed home to move my stuff to our apartment here in Chadron. But! A light at the end of the tunnel… my grandmother (whom I live with) owns a piano! Perfect!

Friday night I sat in front of the piano in my grandmother’s home. Out of habit I played the first song I learned… Mary Had a Little Lamb. I then continued in identifying to myself the notes of each key. Following that, I practiced the first several chords I had learned. My biggest fear in learning to play the piano is how horrible I am when it comes to timing. I cannot count beats, cannot measure time in music, and feared I could never play a real song because of this. However, this was the day to face that fear!

Procopio sat beside me and placed in front of me a piece of music. It was the chords for Fullness by Elevation Worship. When he asked me to play I nearly vomited. But, we played together the first several chords, and once I felt comfortable, he dropped out. Once I had played it through once, I was feeling pretty good about myself. Then he told me I would need to make sure all the beats were the same, or at least even. After many many tries, finally him patting a steady beat, me tapping along with my foot, I finally played through the song with more accuracy than before! And oh, what a privilege it was to worship with this handsome love of mine!


4 thoughts on “Fullness.. how fitting!

  1. Good for you! It always feels good to face a fear, no matter how big or small. Sometimes we don’t get the outcome we expect, but it sounds like you did what you set out to do. And you got to do it with the love of your life.


    1. Thank you! It was slightly intimidating, especially with how well he can play piano and how keen his musical ability is. However, it was very encouraging seeing that I also was capable of doing something I have wanted to for a very long time.


  2. While reading you blog, I couldn’t help but relate a life event of mine to it. My finacé taught me how to bow hunt and he had been doing it for so long before I even put my hands on a bow. It was definitely quite intimidating at first, but his calm nature allowed me to become more comfortable with it quite quickly. I think this experience relates to us when we become teachers. As teachers, we can seem intimidating to students because we are the “all-knowing experts of everything” to our students. To alleviate the intimidation factor, I think we need to be inviting and friendly to our students so that they feel comfortable with learning from us!


    1. I love how you quickly related that back to teaching. What a great analogy! And what a difference it makes when you use care and compassion to teach someone something rather than condemning and harsh tones.


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