Digital Activism

Now more than ever I find myself taking note of the activism side of social media. I am capable of accessing and contributing to different forums, discussion threads, and polls on numerous different topics. I am capable of researching and educating myself on practically any topic or issue that is presented. At a young age, I am capable of knowing things that some adults are incapable of finding understanding on.

For this reason I believe that it is important that we educate and push our children to participate in activism. They have a voice, they have an opinion, and it deserves to be heard and shared. Activism is so much more than engaging in an argument on Facebook. Just as the 6 Activist Functions article suggests, activism is a way for people to shape public opinion, plan an action, protect activists, share a call to action, take action digitally, and transfer resources. Of these, I believe two of the most important are shaping public opinion and transferring resources.

In the New Face of Teen Activism article, I found it very interesting that not only did these two ladies get involved in a short amount of time, but easily found something they are passionate about, and connected with people around the world. I was also disgusted to find out the persecution that they have endured for simply making their voices heard. Anywhere from verbal threats, to sending them the addresses to their own houses with threats to kill them… (CREEPY!). Yet they persevered.

Lastly I was shocked to see the effort made by the classroom of 12 year olds. I had never considered that we would be engage someone so young in digital activism. But the question rose, why not? In the article My Kids, A Cause and Our Classroom Blog it discusses how kids have more technology at their fingertips now than anyone would ever know. How important is it that we train them to use it for beneficial things! I admire this class and the way they handle technology and I only hope to someday implement this to my children.


6 thoughts on “Digital Activism

  1. Children are born with technology at their fingertips and need to learn how they an use it. To have them know what is going on and how to speak about it on the internet and with others. You are right, Shaping is one of the bigger ones of the six because of the different ways that it can do that. Great post!


  2. I agree. Children have a voice, why not let them be heard? Lots of time in schools, students are never learning much about the things that really interest them, having them be able to be connected online, (in a safe setting) is such a great way for students to connect with others share the same passions as they do.


    1. We often harp on the kids for engaging online in a negative way, yet tell them “No way!” when they are in a place we could teach them to engage safely. It is so flawed to me. They deserve to learn what it is they want, and use their resources to the best of their ability.


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