I chose to make a Bitmoji account. I have seen this many times used on Facebook and occasionally on Twitter. I have been totally uninterested, and even slightly creeped out on the accuracy of this animation source. It always seemed that the little people looked so much like the real life person. How did they do that? I always assumed it was based off the person’s pictures on their profile. Then I made my own Bitmoji!

The little picture I chose fits how I feel after the last couple weeks. In the midst of school, wedding planning, moving, and still maintaining my part time job… I feel overwhelmed at times. As I created this I thought of all I have accomplished the last few weeks. This is definitely how I feel!

I had fun making this. I could chose how my girl looked. I made her to realistically look like me, although I really could have made her look like anything. I could chose her outfit, hair style, and then could chose what scenario I wanted to place her in. I think it is great to use tools like this. It livens up the post, allows you to be creative in it. I could see allowing my students to use Bitmoji in their own personal blog posts, in a newsletter for our class, or to express how they may be feeling about an assignment, class, or situation. This could easily be adapted for special needs students who are nonverbal, and is very easily usable by anyone with technology. I would like to further experiment with other options beside Bitmoji though!


2 thoughts on “Bitmoji!

  1. Kayla, I’ve seen Bitmoji’s used on Snapchat a lot! I’ve never taken the time to create my own, but it sounds like it could be fun. I like how you can make your character look a lot like you or you can have a completely different look. This app calls for creativity!

    Shania 🙂


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