Week 7- Playing his way to my heart!

If nothing else, learning to play piano has opened a door for me to expanding my ability, and building my confidence. It was completely intimidating learning from someone who seemed to know so much. Yet it was such a positive experience. I was able to overcome my fear of playing (pounding out the keys) in front of someone. Previously, the thought of playing in front of someone was incredibly terrifying. Then as I practiced more and more with Procopio, it became much easier to play for him. Although, I am still unsure if I could play in front of a group of people.

I am still not great at playing with both hands. I can hold the chords well in the left hand, but once I start breaking the chords apart with my right hand, the left hand seems to get confused. I am sure this will improve with more practice. I also am much more able to read the chords or notes and play accordingly. I still struggle when it comes to the notes and playing, but I can pretty easily read the chords and play at the same time. I never knew how difficult it was to both read and play an instrument at the same time. This truly is an admirable feat!

One of the most exciting parts of this learning project was simply that I got the opportunity to do it. It is rare to be able to pick up an instrument at 21 years old and learn to play. It is also rare to be taught by your significant other and not fight constantly. It can be hard to learn from someone you love so much, but it is so rewarding at the same time. The more he taught me, the more I respected him. The more he played for me, the more I loved him. And thus, the cycle continues. I can honestly say, I will continue to play as he continues to teach me!


One thought on “Week 7- Playing his way to my heart!

  1. Glad you have had such a positive experience! A skill like piano is a wonderful one to have. Glad you also found something you enjoy doing with your significant other. A win all around it sounds like! Do you think you will continue to hold some sort of practice schedule when the class is over, or practice as you want to?


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