This is the finale!

I am genuinely surprised at how much of an innovative learner I have become. This semester was not just about me reading a textbook, writing out notes, regurgitating it for a test, and then never remembering it again. This semester I took learning into my own hands. I read blogs, I watched videos, I listened to podcasts, and I “unlearned” many of the things I was taught in school about how a child is to sit and listen. How a child is to learn in one way and they are only supposed to take what the teachers know at face value.

Instead, this semester I taught myself. I educated myself on many different things, I took my knowledge and educated others. I learned to question, I learned to answer my own questions, and most importantly I learned that sometimes there is no real answer to my questions, and that is okay! I feel like no matter what, I will always have more to learn. As a teacher, I can never be too prepared for my classes. I will never know too much, and I will never know enough.

Yet that is the beauty of it. As teachers, we are supposed to equip our students with the ability to educate themselves, with their own resources (and the ones we supply them), and turn them loose. Some of them may learn more than we know. Some of them may even teach us. What a success! The number one thing I learned from this semester is summed up in this one quote, “I am an innovative educator and I will continue to ask “what is best for learners.” If we always ask that, we will always find the answers we need. Maybe not the answers we want, but always the ones we need.


2 thoughts on “This is the finale!

  1. I like how you pointed out that there are sometimes no answers to our questions. Sometimes we think everything is black and white, but it isn’t. There are gray areas and there are times there are no answers. Good luck on all your future endeavors!


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